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Matcha Cake Stack with Matcha Cream Recipe

It’s been awhile since I last blogged, but here I am finally with a new recipe, and it is everything matcha, one of my favourite ingredients to bake with. 🙂 Add matcha into basically anything and it can transform a dessert to another level, with a slight bitterness and subtle fragrance that fills up your entire kitchen. If you’re a matcha fan like me, you absolutely have to try out this matcha cake recipe and soon you’ll be in matcha heaven, I promise!

To be honest, this wasn’t my plan initially, I wanted to bake a simple swiss roll but I didn’t watch my oven close enough thus it became crispy and rolling it up became an impossible task. I decided to just cut out mini circles and stacked everything together, since stacking food creates height and it is absolutely Insta-worthy! 😉

Green on green. <3 As you can tell, I love to incorporate matcha into every single element. Matcha cake alone is not sufficient at all (AGREE?). I need to have it with heavily scented matcha cream, dusted with large heaps of matcha powder. This is how you truly bring out the flavour of matcha.

The Process
You’ll start off with very simple ingredients used to make sponge cake, such as eggs (separated at room temperature), cake flour, sugar, cream of tartar, whipped cream and most importantly, good quality matcha powder. The matcha powder that I’m using here is an organic culinary grade matcha called Shizen sponsored by Zen Wonders from Melbourne, Australia. They have different grades of matcha to suit your needs so you should definitely check out their website. 🙂

Firstly, mix the yolks and sugar using a hand whisk or an electric blender on high speed until ribbon stage. You’ll know it’s time to stop when the yolks turned to a pale yellow colour and when you lift up the beater, it’ll form a stream that disappears after 7 seconds.

Sift in cake flour and matcha powder and fold in until homogenous. Do not be lazy, sifting at this stage is important to incorporate air into the mixture and to avoid uneven chunks of matcha. Sometimes, I’m too greedy and tend to add excessive matcha powder (I’m obsessive with matcha), but try not to add too much as it’ll result in a very stiff mixture.

Just like any other sponge cake recipe, the next stage is whipping of egg whites. I cannot stress this enough, make sure your bowl is clean and grease free as egg whites are finicky to begin with. Beat on low speed till soft peaks, add cream of tartar (optional but recommended to stabilise the egg whites), then add sugar a spoonful at a time while beating on high speed till stiff peaks are formed. Lift up your whisk and it should hold a stiff peak of one inch length without drooping backwards. If you’re a beginner at this, do not fret, you’ll probably just need to waste a few more whites and you’ll be an expert in no time! 🙂 Fold in 1/3 of the meringue into the yolk batter and mix till combined. Fold in the rest of the meringue and mix until homogenous.

Bake in a tray (mine is around 25cm times 40cm) lined with parchment paper for 20 mins in a 170°C preheated oven. Let cool and cut out desired shaped using cookie cutters.

For the whipped cream, whisk it with a tablespoon each of sugar and matcha powder till stiff peaks. Assemble your matcha stacks and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.

Voila! Matcha cake with matcha whipped cream! If you manage to make a taller stack than mine, upload it and tag me on Instagram (@tsymelissa). 😛



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