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Hello all and welcome back tosoft eve~. an area to seek out nice recipes for food with several flavor. Real food for real individuals to share with family, friends so as share, make merry and luxuriate in life. Why? as a result of feeding is one among life’s greatest pleasures.

This is a catch-up post that ought to have initiate on Thursday. it absolutely was only 1 of these weeks. I really created this dish Thursday night. It clad nice and therefore the family wanted it. all of them aforementioned this one was a keeper. provides it a strive at your house it slow. And guys, impress that girlfriend or shock you married woman by fixing this for them. a lot of flavor. you’ll be able to create spicy or not. simply modify the cayenne pepper to regulate the warmth. If you actually wish to bump it up a bit, append many drops of Tabasco.

Shrimp and Sausage dish

2 tablespoons oil
1 lb. smoke-cured sausage, cut in cross sections concerning 1/4 in. thick
1/2 lb. chorizo or andouille sausage
3/4 cup diced bell pepper
3/4 cup sliced celery
salt and cayenne to style
1 cup long grain polished rice
1 (14 one/2 oz.) will sliced tomatoes with juice
1 tablespoon sliced garlic
1 one/2 cups water
1/2 cup vino
4 bay leaves
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1 lb. medium shrimp, in the altogether and deveined
1/4 cup sliced inexperienced onions

Heat the oil in an exceedingly massive cooking pan or dutch kitchen appliance over medium heat. Add all the sausage and cook two minutes. Add onions, bell pepper and celery. Season with salt and cayenne to style and saute for six to eight minutes till veggies square measure limp and soft. Add the rice and stir to coat equally. Add the tomatoes with the juice, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, water and wine. cowl and cook over medium heat for concerning twenty minutes. Season the shrimp with salt and cayenne in an exceedingly bowl stirring to coat equally. Add the shrimp and cook another ten minutes. flip the warmth down and still simmer till rice is tender, liquid is absorbed and therefore the shrimp square measure pink. take away from heat ans let stand coated for five minutes. take away the bay leaves. Stir within the inexperienced onions and serve. Enjoy!
Welcome back to Food~Flavor~Fun. {a place|an square measurea} to seek out and share some favorite recipes of mine that are tried and true. Yep i actually fix these at my house for my family. I’m not knowledgeable cook. simply a bloke that loves smart tasting food of all types. I’ve done on my very own for several years. My married woman may be a tender and is distant many days per week. thus i used to be a Mr. ma before the motion picture.

This is one among my favorite soup recipes. i take advantage of shallots rather than onions. i believe the flavour is richer and additional delicate that mistreatment the larger onions. The cheese on high makes it special thus don’t go low cost there. I grew up a block off from an excellent french shop. Grab some white bread to toast into the croutons for the body of the soup. nice stuff! initial we have a tendency to begin out with preparation a couple of dozen more or less shallots.

Roasted Shallots

Take 12-14 in the altogether shallots place them on a sheet of foil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and some of tablespoons of additional virgin oil. bring to a close to an honest seal and place in an exceedingly four hundred degree kitchen appliance. Roast for concerning forty minutes. Take them out and permit to chill.

French Bread Croutons

Cut many one in. slices from a loaf of white bread. Cut these slices into concerning one in. sq. items. In a bowl, sprinkle the bread items along with your favorite spicy seasoning combine. If you don’t have one however, search Emeril’s BAM formula. I started there and created my very own changes. Then add concerning three tablespoons of oil and blend to coat. Place on a cooking utensil and place into a 350 degree kitchen appliance till cooked and crisp. concerning 10-15 minutes. take away and put aside.

French Onion Soup


2-3 tablespoons oil
roasted shallots from higher than
1 tablespoon sliced sage
1 tablespoon sliced thyme
1/2 teaspoon salt
fresh black pepper (a few smart activates the pepper mill)
2 quarts stock
1/2 cup vino
french bread croutons
2 cups grated Gruyere cheese

Quarter the roast shallots. Add the oil to an outsized sauce pan or dutch kitchen appliance. point out to medium heat. Add the quartered shallots and lower the warmth to medium low. Add the Sage and Thyme. Saute concerning twenty five minutes stirring typically till golden brown and starting to carmelize. Add the stock and therefore the wine and produce to a boil. Lower the warmth to a simmer, cowl and let simmer for half-hour. Season to style with salt and pepper.

Preheat the overn to 450 degrees.

Put four-6 of the white bread croutons into 4 oven-proof bowls. Laddle the soup over the croutons and canopy with stratified cheese. Place the bowls on a cooking utensil and place into the kitchen appliance till the cheese is melted and therefore the high has brunette. concerning ten minutes. Serve warm. Enjoy!



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