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Hello to all! Welcome back to Food~Flavor~Fun. I’ve traveled on for my work thus I even have to once more catch informed my journal posts. Thursdays area unit all regarding main courses. nowadays I’d prefer to share a casserole thats simple to create and has simply the proper quantity of kick thereto to create it terribly tasty. This one is my wife’s instruction. She gets the credit! Enjoy!



1 will cream of mushroom soup
1 bag Taco flavor Doritos
1 will cream of soup
1 avoirdupois unit cut cheddar
1 will Ro-tel tomatoes
1 med. Onion, diced
1 tiny will pet milk
1 MEd inexperienced bell pepper, diced
2 chickens (cooked and de-boned)
Preheat kitchen appliance to 350*

combine all ingredients along. Butter massive casserole dish. Line casserole dish with Doritos, then spoon layer of mixture on prime, then a layer of cheese, repeat.

Refrigerate coated with foil for twenty-four hours.

Bake for 30-40 minutes.

Hello and welcome back to Food~Flavor~Fun. an area to seek out and share some nice food concepts and obtain recipes which will be fun to create and share with family and friends.

Wednesdays area unit all regarding soups and salads. Tonight is one that’s a cross over from desserts. It’s sweet and colourful and undoubtedly choked with flavor. easy to create, not tons of homework time…a treat for each cook and crowd. Short post tonight however provides it a strive. Enjoy!



1 massive instrumentation Cool Whip
1 tiny pistachio pudding
1 will mandarin oranges (drained)
1 will crushed pineapple
Directions don’t get a lot of easier….Fold along.

Can add: shredded nuts; coconut; mini marshmallows. I do the loopy and marshmallows…..I’m not a private fan of coconut…..but some area unit.

Hello all and welcome back to Food~Flavor~Fun. I place this energy out there to share some nice food concepts that have nice flavor and can bring fun and delight to you gathering of family and friends.

Tuesdays area unit regarding Tools and Techniques. Tonight i made a decision to put in writing a few technique known as cooking. several of you have got done this and perhaps you didn’t realize it had a reputation. Thats wherever i used to be for an extended time. cooking could be a thanks to add flavor and tenderness to some more durable cuts of meats, fish and even vegetables. It takes time….sometimes hours, however you’ll take what would otherwise are boot animal skin and switch it into a feast. Enjoy!


Make sure that no matter cuts of meat or vegetables you’re mistreatment area unit roughly an equivalent size so that they cook equally.
Heat an important cooking pan or dutch kitchen appliance, then add a touch oil and warmth that, too.
Season the meat or vegetables on either side with salt and pepper, or no matter seasonings your specific instruction needs. I usually use seasoned flour to reinforce the flexibility to create gravy later.
When the pan is good and hot, add the meat or vegetables and sauté at high heat to quickly brown the skin. This adds color and flavor. while not browning, meat would look grey and lifeless, and vegetables limp, at the top of the preparation time.
When nicely suntanned, add enough liquid to the pan to come back regarding halfway up the perimeters of the meat or vegetables. Liquid used for cooking is typically water, stock, wine or a mix.
At this time you have got 2 options; you’ll lower the warmth and simmer the instruction slowly till everything is tender, otherwise you will place the entire pan (provided it’s kitchen applianceproof) within the oven and bake it. That’s up to you; what’s additional vital is that the meat or vegetables cook slowly within the liquid (usually covered) which the liquid ne’er evaporates.
Check for doneness per what you’re preparation. remember that cooking could be a slow-cooking technique. Most cooked dishes take from forty five minutes (for smaller cuts of meat and poultry) to six hours for very robust shanks and ribs.


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