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The Best Uses for Olive Oil: Cooking With The Most Versatile Ingredient

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most versatile food items in the world. In the kitchen, people use it to flavor foods, create a non-stick cooking surface, as well many other things. However, it has countless other purposes outside the kitchen, many of which date back thousands of years.

When olive oil is produced, it’s categorized based on its quality. To be considered extra virgin, the oil must adhere to a strict set of guidelines which states it must possess less than 1% acidity and peroxide. In addition, best practice has shown that it must also be extracted at a temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler and pressed only one time.

So, what exactly can you do with extra virgin oil? If you’re a big bread-eater, try making a dip by filling a small bowl with some of the oil and adding your favorite herbs and seasonings on top. Garlic powder, onions, chives, salt and pepper are all excellent seasonings to add.

If you enjoy cooking fish, adding it is the perfect way to really set the flavor off. Simply brush a thin but thorough coating of oil over the fish and cook it to your liking. It’s important to note that extra virgin olive oil has a rather low smoke point when compared to other types of cooking oils. Typically, most olive oils sold in the stores will begin smoking around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you plan on cooking with it, do so on a low-heat setting.

While not many people are aware of this, extra virgin olive oil (evoo) can also be used as a skin cleaner and moisturizer. Back in the era of the Roman Empire, people applied it to their skin and hair to help moisturize and protect it from the sun. If you want to give it a try, simply take a bottle of ‘evoo’ and apply it to your skin using your hands or a washcloth.

Another not-so-common use for evoo is for finger and toenails. If your nails are cracked, splitting or just weak, try soaking them in olive oil for 15 minutes nightly. Within a week, you’ll likely see your nails become stronger and healthier.

The use of extra virgin olive oil isn’t limited to humans. If you have a dog or cat, try adding a tablespoon of oil to their water. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help promote a healthy coats and will aid in digestion. Plus, it helps clear their esophagus and prevents hairballs from developing.

The next time your up all night with a cough you cant get rid of, try swallowing a spoonful. When it coats your throat, it will instantly soothe and relieve the pain associated with coughing.

If people only knew how many uses extra virgin olive oil has, they would probably use it to replace a lot of everyday items they buy. Here, we’ve listed some of the top uses for it, but there are hundreds of other great uses evoo has.


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