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The 8 Worst Fat Burning Foods

You are on a diet but sometimes you sin. Both rice and chicken suddenly make one day an irresistible desire for an ice cream, a soda, fries or a piece of pizza. It is okay to allow yourself some culinary fad within your diet, but you have to do it smartly, since it is not the same thing to drink a little dark chocolate as a donut. The reason? In addition to the calorie difference between the two, there is a group of foods that stagnate your fat loss process. That is, among the bad, there are worse and better.

Those not recommended by nutritionists cause inflammation in the body, imbalance the hormonal system, make the liver work more than the count, among other things, that make all your efforts to lose weight go overboard with the first bite of this ‘Forbidden food’. They are the following:

1) Packaged ice creams
Now with the warmth we all fancy an ice cream, especially after a copious meal or to accompany a pleasant afternoon on a terrace. ‘Prevention’ nutrition experts advise against eating, especially at someone who is trying to lose weight, because ‘today’s ice cream is full of sugar, trans fats, artificial colorings’ and many other chemicals harmful to the brain And the nervous system. Specifically, they refer to neurotoxins that although you think they do not affect your weight, it does.
Packaged fruit juices often contain large amounts of sugar and water, and in the case of containing natural juice, you have lost your vitamins
Our brain must maintain a correct balance of chemicals that control metabolic processes. Therefore, if you want to take an ice cream without damaging your health and at the same time continue to lose weight, you must make this sweet yourself, because “is the best way to please you without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals.”

2) Fruit juices
Those that are for sale usually contain large amounts of sugar, water and artificial flavor or in the case of containing natural juice, has lost some of its vitamins. It is healthier to drink a fresh fruit juice or eat fruit.

3) Bacon
Although many include it in their daily diet, especially those that follow regimes based on proteins and fats, bacon is not good for health or for the figure. According to research published in the journal Circulation, daily consumption of salted processed meats such as bacon can increase the risk of heart disease by 42% and diabetes by 19%.
In this regard, a study at Columbia University found that eating bacon 14 times a month was linked to a significantly increased risk of lung disease.

4) Donuts
Compared to packaged muffins, fresh donuts may not seem (so) bad, but most have 35-40% trans fats, which are linked to obesity, heart and brain disease, as well as To cancer. All this without having all the sugar and food additives that most donuts contain. One medium-sized contains no less than 300 calories; Panic dosages have 412 Kcal (50 grams), of which almost half are fats and the other half are carbohydrates.

5) Refreshments
Most are high in sugar, which can favor diabetes if consumed daily and in large quantities. Labeled as ‘light’ (or ‘zero’) are also not saved: they are a caloric bomb of unpredictable consequences if consumed in a habitual way. The main responsible for the sweet taste of soft drinks are fructose and corn syrup, two components that the American Heart Association has identified as one of the main culprits of obesity and hence of heart disease.
Today’s ice cream is full of sugar, trans fats, artificial coloring and harmful chemicals for the brain and nervous system

Drinking a can of conventional soda is equivalent to ingesting three sachets of sugar and between 100 and 130 calories. The worst are those of cola that, in addition to all of the above, contain caffeine, whose abuse leads to problems of anxiety and insomnia, and contain phosphoric acid, which in high amounts can cause a demineralizing effect of bone. Energy drinks, despite having several increasingly criticized side effects, generally have fewer calories, around 45 Kcal per 100 ml.

6) Cereals
Jody Braverman collects in Live Strong the top 10 of the foods you’ll never see in the shopping cart of nutrition experts. And one of them are the cereals. “Many of those we find in the supermarket are nothing more than refined grains coated with sugar and sometimes mixed with pieces of chocolate and sweets that should not be at our breakfast,” says Dougherty, who recommends low whole grains In sugars and with fiber, fundamental to keep our digestive system in shape.

7) Pizza
It is a carbohydrate pump that will cost us to digest and take over, which not only leaves us without energy, but accumulates as triglycerides in adipose tissue. Although we do not have to remove all kinds of carbohydrates from meals, it is preferable to prime the complex hydrates of vegetables and vegetables over those from pizza and rice. The big problem of taking rice or pizza is that, in addition, we usually consume large quantities, ingesting many more calories than the recommended ones. If they are taken in small rations they are not a problem, because they are very easily digestible foods, but it is difficult not to exceed.

8) French fries
Not only typical french fries contain trans fats, but they also have one of the most dangerous carcinogenic substances in the food, acrylamide, which comes from heating raw potatoes to high temperatures. Acrylamide, details the portal, can cause inflammation in the body and unbalance your pH in favor of acidity.


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