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Things I make Thursday – Mexican Lasagna

Do you have a favourite food from your childhood that you wish you could recreate? When I was little, my mom was reading a magazine and found a recipe for quick chicken enchiladas using condensed mushroom soup. While I love her version, I can’t always have it… so I made my own.

First things first: I like to make my own guacamole. I don’t like storebought because sometimes they are spicy or they taste funny… Plus, I use lemon instead of limes. I made guacamole with limes once and it was bitter.

Avocado, Tomatoes, Onions and Tomatoes

These photos are by my husband… Jaden Nyberg… check out his site I would take these by myself, but I am not a neat cook and am already on my 4th iPhone.

I love my juicer


Then just chop and bung everything in the bowl

Gucamole in the bowl

Now for the “lasagna”… I say lasagna because I layer it in a Corning Ware round dish.

Ingredients for lasagna

Okay, so what’s in this photo… starting from the left… taco seasoning (I got that huge thing from Costco for like $5), chicken breast, tortillas, canned chopped tomatoes, cilantro, corn (off the cob thank you very much), mushrooms, green onions, yellow peppers and onions.

Always so much chopping… I feel that way with tacos… sure I’m not assembling it, but that’s like 10% of the job… preparing and chopping is the biggest part. For some odd reason, I only use my IKEA wok for tacos or frying meat with taco seasoning. I start with a bit of oil so the chicken doesn’t stick (too much).

Frying chickn

So after you brown the chicken for a bit, I sprinkle on the taco seasoning… Sprinkle isn’t the right word… I dump in the taco seasoning with some water.

Taco Seasoning

Add in the canned tomatoes. I lied, they weren’t chopped. They are still canned…

Chicken and tomatoes

Once that cooks together, dump it all out into another bowl. Now fry the onions in the excess stuff that I didn’t masterfully pour out.

Onions in pan

Dump all the veggies in…

Veggies in IKEA pan

Oh, here’s the pan I was talking about… I added some sauce in the bottom

Corning Ware

Okay, now add the tortilla in. I buy the small ones because the pan is smaller…

Tortilla in pan

I now layer the chicken and veggies…

Filling Added

Oh and cheese… add the cheese… lots of cheese…

Bung it in the oven


Ta da…doesn’t it look awesome

Onions and Cilantro


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