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I was thoroughly disappointed when I went to the Whole Foods on West 4th and they didn’t have any pumpkin squares… only itty bitty pumpkin pies. There were other squares, but no pumpkin. It’s not the same, but it will do. I didn’t want to, but I wanted something pumpkin-y. Settling is for pioneers… I was so prepared to try to make my own. Especially since I was so upset when they took away the pumpkin squares from Starbucks circa 2005.

Lo and behold though, I knew my husband’s love of the North Shore was valid… there at the Whole Foods at Park Royal (yeah, I know it’s not North Van, but it’s on that side) were the pumpkin squares I had been craving. I think before the squares used to be $8.99 for four. Now they are $9.99… fine, whatever. Gimme.

I looked through all the boxes. I chose the one with the least crust. This crust is okay… not a real big fan of crust though. I am more interested in the pumpkin-y insides. When I eat a regular pie… psh… regular pie, I just scoop the inside from the crust. I could have bought the individual ones, but then my husband would have said, “Just buy two” and then there wouldn’t be two in my fridge for when I finish this post. So there.

I cut open the sticker and the box springs open. The smell of all those pumpkin-y spices hit me.

Look at how perfect they are. Of course the first one I take is the one without side crust. I would love it if someone created pumpkin pie without crust. Like those people at Cheesecake Etc where the cheesecake has no crust. But then I guess I could just mix some spices into a can of pumpkin. Really though? Have we come to that? No, not yet.

Look at how beautiful the pumpkin filling is:

Soft, moist pumpkin… barely there crust. I have to eat this on a plate or at least a surface… There’s not enough crust to keep it from crumbling on my chest as I walk to couch to watch tv.


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