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Friday Night Late Night Date Night

When my husband and I were first dating, he decided to go back to school as a mature student. After he would get off school on Fridays, he would go to work until 10pm… thus Friday Night Late Night Date Night began. Normally, I would not be allowed out of the house after 9pm. I know, my parents were weird. They had this thing where if I was still home at 9pm, that’s it, I was home for the night. Sometimes I would go out and wait at Timmy’s or a Starbucks to wait because I really wanted to see him. My parents also had a rule I had to be home before midnight because “What kind of girl is out past midnight?”
So, where would we go every Friday? The same place we had our first date… Cactus Club on Pemberton in North Vancouver. I love this location, I hate every other location… actually I like the one on Kingsway. Always so loud, so busy, no parking… But anyhoo, I think this is the first location and besides the absent lavish washroom, I think they got this one right. The lights are dim, sometimes it’s really bumping, but when we would come here, it would be somewhat empty.

Look at how romantic:

Pemberton Cactus Club
Of course being creatures of habit, I always get the same thing… grapefruit and soda to drink and chicken strips to eat. They do have pop, but I can’t get grapefruit and soda anywhere else. $3.85 and you get free refills…

Drink order
We used to always get Joeh as our server every Friday, but since it’s been a long time since we’ve been coming consistently, we get him on and off. If we got him this Friday, he would have also brought me a carafe of cranberry because that’s how he likes it. My husband used to get Longboard Lagers all the time, but now he orders Ugly Ale. Geez, it’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

Chicken Strips with Yam Fries
Back to the food. The chicken strips come with regular fries. Who wants regular fries? Me wants yam fries, so I pay extra. It comes with a really yummy garlic aioli. The strips come with a honey mustard sauce, but I like the Thai chili sauce instead and I mix it with ketchup. It cuts the heat, not that it’s really spicy or anything. I’m a wimp. I love to dip each fry and each bite. I am not sure if garlic aioli is good for date night, but he came back didn’t he?

Empty Aioli

And that’s why I always ask for two dishes of aioli.

The chicken strips are really good too. The pieces are juicy and nicely fried. I can’t really figure out what the coating is made of… they taste like they should be deep fried popcorn shrimp, but that could be the oil… I dunno. I love em.


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