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Cake from Goldilocks

Since before I can remember, there is photo evidence of my favourite cake being present at every important event in my life.

Hmm, so how much does a cupcake in Vancouver go for these days? $2.95? Bit much for me… especially when I can get half a log cake for $9. This cake is a good foot long and comes in a bunch of different flavours. There is only one flavour for me though: mocha. If you flip through photos of my childhood– baptism, birthdays… other important events, you will see this cake amidst the pictures of food my Dad took for posterity.

The location I frequent now is on Main and 12th. It’s so close… not really, but when cake is involved it is. Luckily, it’s open past six and I can easily walk in and grab a box of my favourite cake. Sometimes I get worried it won’t be there… could I accept Mocha Macapuno? Or maybe I should get a Brazo De Mercedes? No, I must stay the course and not get dazzled by the many different desserts they have to offer. Beside the open cooler, there are a number of different breads I could stuff my face with… like the Ube Bread I swear I had on my flight home from Japan.

Anyhoo, back to perfection:

Goldilocks Box
If I bought the whole log, it would have had the Goldilocks logo all over it. My friends bought me a whole one for my 19th birthday and again for my 21st birthday… can I bring it into a club, no, but I brought it to Jupiter Lounge and ate it at the Blenz Cafe after meeting Moka Only.

This always makes me smile:

Goldilocks Mocha Cake
It still . I guess I should let it sit and come to room temp, but I don’t… Once I see it, I need to eat it. I am that fat kid that loves cake… If I could bake this myself, I still wouldn’t because then I would be even bigger. At least limiting myself to buying the cake keeps my cake intake at bay.

Cutting into the cake… I hear music… like when you see that person you love walk in a room… like when Elizabeth dances with Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice… I only saw the one with Keira Knightly and it’s at some ball. Look at how much icing surrounds the moist cake:

Cut Mocha Cake
It has a great coffee flavour. I say this, but in all honestly, you should see my cup of coffee… sweet and light… it really does taste like my morning brew. It’s sweet and the buttercream is a little overpowering. Overpowering for other people, but not me! I always save the end slice for me. It has the most icing… it’s like 4 parts icing to 1 part cake. I don’t have a picture of it because in my haste to shove this in my mouth, I forgot. Then I remembered. Then I took another bite of cake and forgot. Meh, I’ll do it next time. I buy it pretty often… sometimes, being Wednesday will suffice.


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