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Easy Breakfast Sausage Recipe
Eggs Over Italian Sausage is great cure for any hangover. I just went to a wedding and Sunday morning I really needed a good pick me up. Researchers have said that high protein foods like eggs, bacon and sausage are the best hangover cure. This is an easy breakfast recipe that is not so healthy but tastes great. Servers 2

source: my own creation

4 Large Eggs
Bob Evan’s Italian Sausage
Italian Seasoning
Start off by preheating your pan or large skillet on medium heat.
Unwrap your Italian sausage and throw it into the pan. Be sure to fully cook the meat and even brown it a bit. I like to chop it up into small pieces like you would do with ground beef when you are making taco meat.
While that is cooking you can prepare your eggs in a different pan or on the other side of the large skillet. Mix in some salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Cook your eggs any way you wish, scrambled, over easy, ect.
Once your italian sausage and eggs are done place them together on a dish and enjoy with ketchup and a piece of toast.
Enjoy this easy Eggs and Italian Sausage breakfast.


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