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Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

This week i used to be invited back once more to be the guest cook at the Palm Springs Farmer’s Market. because the guest cook I will wander the market, choose howling manufacture and build dishes to share with the patrons and farmers.

Figs square measure getting down to acquire season and figs were on my mind nowadays still as berries, strawberries to be specific!. I chosen some fabulous lettuce with flowers in it, figs, basil cheese and mint. This quickly became a dish with a chunk of cut fig, some basil cheese, shredded mint, and a oleoresin, honey drizzle. two of our native chefs stopped by and worshipped the combo! one in every of the patrons same her mouth was in heaven. easy flavor combos like these will translate to huge style and a beautiful food expertise once the standard of the ingredients you begin with square measure recent and farm to table.

Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding IngredientsI had an idea for the strawberries; Chia seed pudding that is protein and farm free. Chia seeds build a beautiful gel if you soak them in water, juice, nut milks and refrigerate them for a small amount. I sometimes use two Tablespoons of Chia seeds to eight ounces of liquid. combine this well, let it sit for ten minutes some and blend once more. Refrigerate it associate degreed inside an hour some you’ll have Chia Gel!

You can realize each black and white Chia seeds and nowadays I used the white ones. I pureed recent strawberries within the liquidizer with a touch juice, some syrup because the berries were tart, some cinnamon and my favorite superfood Moringa leaf powder.

Combining the berry mixture with the Chia Gel created a thick beautiful pudding that’s straightforward, Healthy and Delicious. one in every of my favorite things concerning Chia seeds is that they’re tasteless so that they go well with chocolate, fruit of any kind and might be accustomed build such a lot of howling treats. they’ll be devoured whole too therefore adding them to salads is otherwise to access the powerful nutrients contained in Chia!

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