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Drinks Every College Student Should Try

If there is one thing that you are most excited for in college, it is the opportunity to finally be able to legally drink. Of course, since this will be your first opportunity to really experiment without that fake ID, you are going to have a lot of catching up to do on a tight budget. Luckily, you are in good company, as every college student is looking for the best ways to get their bang for their buck too.

Cheap and Easy – If there is one thing that college students are experts in, it is cheap knock-off work. Whether it is furniture, clothes or food, now is the time when it is alright to do everything possible to save a penny. The same applies to your college alcohol. Later in life, when you are more settled and have a real income, you are going to have plenty of time to devote to the finer liquors out there. In the meantime, you will want to focus on the cheapest of the cheap. Some of these include: Steel Reserve, MadDog 20/20, Thunderbird, Old English 800, Natural Light, Buckfast, Night Train, Wild Irish Rose, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Boone’s Farm, Cisco.

Cocktails – Everyone knows the classic few cocktails. Sex on the Beach, Martinis, the Manhattan. However, a lot of those cocktails are made for the refined and more moderate tastes of adults. There are also a lot of cocktails out there that are more tailored to extreme tastes. Take the time to explore the cocktails that only the collegiately insane would try, such as the phenomenal mixes of: Brass Monkey, Hop Skip & Get Naked, Bloody Beaver, 1a Special Surprise Party, 151 Bananas, Alpine Lemonade, Beergarita, Screwed Hooker, Punch in the Head, T-Rex Piss, Bloody Brain, Red Eye, Mind Eraser, Soylent Green, Captain Do.

Punches – College is going to see you attending some of the greatest parties of your life. Unfortunately, all those people mean that you are going to need a lot of alcohol. Everyone will bring a little, but you are expected to offer everyone something, right? Because of the juice content, a good punch can make your alcohol go a long way. So lighten the party up with one of these punches and make everyone happy, without having to break the bank: Jungle Juice, Grain Punch, Sneaky Pete, Flavored Jet Fuel, Pink Panther, Limoncillo, Skippies, Trashcan Punch, Flaming Blow Job, College Hulk Punch, 612 Delight, Hunch Punch

Shots – Like cocktails, shots are something that just about everyone drinks. Of course, in college you simply cannot get more classic than Jell-O Shots. You don’t have to stop there, either. There are dozens of great shots out there that you are probably never going to try once you become a working stiff. While the partying is hot, enjoy a few of these shots and spice the night up a little bit more: Buttery Nipple, Purple Hooter, Monkey Brains, The Ultimate Jell-O Shot, Boilermaker, Alabama Slammer, Snake Bite, Red Death #2, Cement Mixer, Flaming Dr Pepper, Duck Fart, Purple Passion


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