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Foods with Protein: The Truth about Vegetables

One of the most important roles of protein in our body is the production of amino acids. We need these building blocks for our blood, skin, muscles, bones and even hormones. Naturally, our bodies can produce a certain amount of amino acids. But it is insufficient. That’s why we need to eat foods with protein that will provide us with what is lacking. Some of the essential amino acids are as follows: isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and a lot more.

Amino acids have many vital roles to play in our body and health. We need them for strengthen our muscles, especially if we are fond of working out. They aid in the production of hormones and tissues. They help heal our wounds faster and repair damaged tissues. We also need amino acids for our bone development, antibody production and calcium absorption. Some amino acids are essential for our brain processes. They help improve our moods and enhance our learning and memory retention.

The amount of protein that we need to have every day depends on our weight, age, size, physical activity and growth. But generally, the recommended amount for men is 56 grams a day while for women it is 46 grams. There are two main sources of protein: animals and vegetables. The latter is said to have a lower quality of protein. However, complete protein supply is not the main concern of people who are fond of eating vegetables.

Vegetarians are aware that they need to combine a variety of plants in order to get the amount of protein that they need. But aside from protein, they also need a supply of fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients. A complete protein can be defined as something that contains all the essential amino acids in a balanced way. Foods from animals have this type of protein while vegetable have the incomplete one. Although eating vegetable is a healthy habit, they do not contain a sufficient amount of protein in them. This is the reason why vegans are strongly encouraged to eat other types of food such as fish and beans. They can also opt to eat nuts and soya to fill in the lacking amount of protein that the body needs. In addition, these foods are good vitamin E sources that will help remove the toxins in the body.


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