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Another Asian Recipe with Steaks and Sweet Potatoes

Soy, being one of the most protein enhanced legumes about and oysters, who are supposedly known for savory tastes and so-called aphrodisiac properties (this has yet to be scientifically proven, by the way) mix really well when tossed together in a stir-fry with crisp vegetables.

However, these same sauces go well with a steak recipe. We will be including a crispy sweet potato recipe for its side dish.

Chinese Style Oyster Sauce Steak with Fried Sweet Potatoes

One pound sirloin steak (you can also use sirloin strips for this)
Two medium-sized sweet potatoes
One half cup soy sauce
One fourth cup lemon juice
One fourth cup Chinese Style Oyster Sauce
One tablespoon brown sugar, packed
Two cloves garlic crushed
One small bunch of leeks sliced thinly
One teaspoon of sesame seeds
Dash of salt and pepper
Oil for frying

Use a meat mallet to pound the steak. Set aside the oil and sweet potatoes and mix all remaining ingredients in a bowl large enough to hold steak/strips and the mixture together.
Knead the meat with both hands into for at least five minutes.
Set the meat aside and allow it to marinate for two hours at the very least.
Meanwhile, take a kitchen brush and scrub the sweet potatoes under running water.
Towel dry then slice each in half. Make 1-2mm thick chips from the halved sweet potatoes.
Heat up the oil until it barely smokes then drop and submerge the sweet potato slices into the oil.
Brown both sides of all pieces, strain them and place on top of paper towels. Set aside.
Fry the steak in the same oil you used for frying the sweet potatoes until browned on both sides.
While frying, spoon the mixture on to the meat carefully as you might get burned with the sputtering oil.
If you choose to grill the steak, baste it with the marinade while cooking.
Brown both sides of the steak and serve.
Place the fried sweet potatoes as a side dish.


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