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Tips on Grilling Steaks

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The art of grilling steaks can be a pretty daunting one if you happen to be a novice as concerns kitchen operations. There are several opinions as concerns the most effective tips on grilling steaks which do not really help a novice as concerns kitchen matters. In the end, they become even more frustrated and confused. However, the minute you become a force to reckon with in matters concerning the grilling of steaks through experience, you will not need to hear any more tips as you will be the one issuing them. Initially, it might seem a tricky task to undertake but it will eventually be an easy task once you get the requisite experience and knowledge. It is important to have the best steak cut for the job. The best cut for grilling should be a thick meat slab that is marbled. A well marbled slice will produce an excellently grilled steak that is not only juicer but also richer in flavor. The best steaks come from T-bone, rib eye and porterhouse.

Apart from selecting the best cut for grilling, what is the best way to grill a steak? You have to ensure that the meat cut is properly seasoned in order to come up with an excellent and scrumptious meal. You can opt to season the meat cut with salt and some black pepper that has been freshly ground. Other cuts will require overnight marinades as well as some special rubs. However, it is ideal if you were to manage to keep the seasoning part pretty simple.

Before you embark on the grilling part, it is vital that you allow the meat to actually attain room temperature. This applies to meat that has been refrigerated. Next, start preparations on the grill. Clean the grill thoroughly to ensure that you remove all remnants of previous grills. Oil the grates of the grill lightly to ensure that the meat does not stick on to the grill.

Ensure that you preheat the grill depending on the mode of grilling that you will use. If you are using a gas grill, then you won’t need a fire while those ones using charcoal grill will need to have briquettes in order to buildup an effective fire. The next step is to put the meat onto the hot grill. It is important to remember this tip as concerns the grilling of steaks. Do not pierce the meat with any metallic object as this will create loopholes through which juices escape which leads to drying of the steak. Instead of using cutlery such as forks, ensure that you use a spatula or tongs to flip or turn the steak. Thinner steaks will need intense heat while thicker ones will require slow heat so that they cook over a long period of time.

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