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Simple and Easy Homemade Puff Pastry

Even if you have been baking for years, puff pastry can be a little challenging to make. If you are wondering how to make puff pastry, then keep reading. You can learn the art of making thin and puffy layers of delicious treats. You can discover techniques that will help you to make excellent pastry without being a professional chef. You can learn how to make these treats from the comfort of your own home.


The most important ingredients for just about any puff pastry would be butter and flour. The ingredients that you use will reflect the finished product, so only use the best items that you can get your hands on. Use a quality unsalted butter, so that you can be in control of the salt that goes into your pastry. You should use a low protein flour, so that your pastry is not to tough.

You also need to add a liquid substance to your pastry. Water is a good choice. Sometimes people use lemon juice to keep the dough tender too.


There are many ways to create the pastry. You want to make your dough with layers of fat surrounded by thin layers of flour. You can make classic pastries by folding dough and a layer of butter together. You can then fold the pastry into thirds. Your dough should be chilled and then rolled out nicely and folded again to make the thinnest layers that you possibly can.

There is also a blitz pastry technique that is easier to make. It will not be as high as traditional pastries, but it still taste delicious. Most beginners prefer this technique. You start off with slicing butter into thin pieces. You then mix the butter into your flour gently and add water and lemon juice. You can then mold your dough into a rectangular shape and fold it into thirds. After that refrigerate your pastry for an hour to harden the butter and let the flour absorb the liquids. When the time is right, take it out the refrigerator and roll it very carefully even thinner. Then fold it into thirds again. Put it back in the refrigerator. You should repeat these steps one more time, and then your dough is ready. Check out for more great baking tips!


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