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How To Clean A Copper Saucepan Set

As with all cookware and utensils in our kitchens today whether you have a Le Creuset stoneware set or a copper set of saucepans they get dirty and need constant cleaning. If you are lucky enough to own a copper saucepan set then I am sure like most owners you are very proud of them. With the price of copper these days they have probably increased in price from when you purchased them, although I am sure that wouldn’t even cross your mind as most people once they own a set of copper saucepans never want to use anything else.

One of the common practices with such great looking saucepans is to display them in your kitchen either on a wall or in a display cabinet or on a shelf. Unlike a stainless steel saucepan set the copper saucepans actually say something about the owner. Not only that they are probably a traditionalist but also that they are not scared of hard work as looking after such saucepans is a labour of love.

So the question is how do you not only wash and clean your copper saucepans but also give them that shine to make you proud of owning them.

Firstly you should never put your copper saucepans in the dishwasher or use an abrasive pad on its surface. This is especially important for the internal parts of the saucepans as copper pans are lined with another metal so the copper does not touch the food as it can be toxic.

Using a rubber or plastic spatula scrape any dried on food left over in the pan then, immerse in some hot soapy water and leave to soak over night if necessary. After soaking scrape with a rubber spatula to remove any dried on food.

To restore any tarnished areas cut a lemon in half and pour some salt onto it. Carefully rub the lemon on the affected area. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or tea towel. It is very important that you dry the surface thoroughly as any water that is left on your copper cookware will eventually leave a mark on the surface.

However much this seems to be hard work rather than just putting them in your dishwasher you can be proud of your copper saucepan set and happy in the knowledge you are protecting your investment.


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