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Overnight French Toast

French toasts have always been the favorite staple for people during breakfast. Preparation time for this food doesn’t take long and you can either fry or bake it depending on your preference. You can also create a type of toast that is good for your diet but at the same time still retains its being sumptuous. For those who would like to prepare their food the night before to save their time when they wake up. They can create an overnight French toast.

This type of French toast is easy to prepare and they can just leave the prepared bread inside their fridge for baking or frying the following day. Any regular French toast can be prepared overnight. For those who don’t have any idea on how to make French toast, they just need to combine milk and eggs in a shallow bowl and then add in some flavorings to it. They can use vanilla or cinnamon and then soak either white bread or wheat bread (for those who are on a diet) on the mixture overnight. You need to ensure that the entire bread is soaked completely to absorb the egg mixture. You can then arrange it on a pan and then pour the rest of the egg mixture on it. Come next morning, you can just pop the pan inside a preheated oven at 350o and leave it inside for 20 to 25 minutes or until the food turns golden brown.

Preparing food the night before has always been the practice of busy mothers who are also rushing to work in the morning. To prepare good breakfast for the entire family, they can try creating an overnight French toast which will be a treat for them all. They can either top the toast with sugar or butter or their favorite jams.


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