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Easy Finger Foods for Partying Yuppies

When yuppies leave home to live on their own, it is a non-verbal language that says “I’m free”. They tend to be practical so they can afford a social life, so they usually choose to live in more affordable cramped, small spaces and try to make it feel like home. The small boxlike homes or condo they usually live in lack space for partying and in spaces like these easy finger foods would be ideal.

Instead of cooking, an option that is worth trying would be fresh or no-cook recipes. This will save everyone from an enormous task of washing up and cleaning, not to mention the entire house reeking of a mixed aroma and scent of different food. Having parties that are fired up by servings of  easy finger foods are so fun-filled, especially when guests are old-time friends or even new friends from work. This kind of party does not even need elaborate china or glassware; paper cups, paper napkins, and toothpicks are all that are needed.

Taking note of the time element is something that must be considered when planning a party. Having food that will be more filling would be important in parties that will take several hours; carbohydrates and proteins must be present. Dropping by a bakeshop in the neighborhood would yield a lot of nutritious and delectable finds. Serving sliced loaves of bread is good because so many kinds of fillings can be used like no-cook canned tuna. Serving no-cook cold cuts like ham and salami cut up into bite-sized pieces can be a good source of protein. To balance the meal, serve fresh fruit and cheese platters. Chips like nachos and some dips made from the super fruit avocado will not only be healthy but delicious too. This can be done by mashing the fruit and mixing it with fresh dills or any other favorite herbs (perk it up by a squeeze of lemon to prevent it from oxidizing); add mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste, then chill. The beverages to wash down the easy finger foods must be easy no-fuss too. Bottled juices or cocktails are in and can be picked up easily in any nearby shop.

Being independent and all, party hosting need not take too much of one’s time or too much fuss. Find short-cuts to have more time to share with friends that will get you to an almost perfect party.


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