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Halfing Sugar in Recipes

This last week, difficult challenges were thrown at us as a family. I watched my two year old seize 6 times in a little over 24 hours.  She began having seizures when she was a little over 8 months old and was put on medication at 10 months.  After a couple of months on medication, we finally were able to control her seizures.  She has not had one since June of 2011, until last week.

Her first seizure began while she was outside playing.  With her eyes glazed over and a blue face, I rushed her into the house.  I called 911 and told them that she needed assistance, since she was not breathing.  The ambulance came and helped us through the experience.  We had to give her some potent medicine to stop her seizure.

The next day, she continued to have tonic-clonic seizures throughout the day that lasted close to 5 minutes.  She eventually was taken to the ER and given strong medications to halt her seizures.  To no avail, it took 3 separate doses to finally end the heartbreaking day that exhausted her.  After an MRI and EEG, her test results came out clean, which was a huge blessing.  But, as a family we are left wondering, how is it possible for a little two year old to seize 6 times in a day and have to be administered heavy medication to end them?

During the two day period, I did not sleep or eat much.  This resulted in sugar-free meals and I found out what a blessing it was.  After I came home, I tasted a dessert and it tasted horrible.  I cannot believe how wonderful my body is at relaying the message that sugar is extremely toxic to me.  Of course, this only occurs when I go off of it for a couple of days.  Needless to say, it would be best to give up sugar entirely (except for natural fruit sugar).  In the meantime, I have found that my taste buds, my head, and my stomach do a lot better when I half the amount of sugar.  Here are some of my recent recipes that use half the sugar of other similar recipes.


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