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All Natural Taco Meat Burritos

I have been making Chicken Burritos and Pizza Burritos for a while now. It finally occurred to me just the other day that I should do this with taco meat and “Wala”. This is a fun version of tacos that allows me to add another recipe to my menu. It is extremely simple to make this all natural Taco Meat Burrito, and it helps use up leftover taco meat. Although some in the family cannot consume this meal (since gluten-free tortillas are not very edible), it is delicious and a winner!

All Natural Taco Meat Burritos

1 pound ground beef
3 TBSP all natural Mild Taco Seasoning (follow this link for the recipe)
1/3 cup water
Brown the ground beef and drain the grease. Add the mild taco seasoning. Stir around to coat the meat. Add the water and mix well. Simmer until the water is almost gone. Remove from heat and cool. Store in the refrigerator for later use or use immediately.

all natural whole wheat tortillas
all natural sour cream
all natural cheese
all natural salsa
Spread sour cream on a whole wheat tortilla.
Spoon taco meat on top of the sour cream.

Pour all natural salsa on top of the meat.

Place grated cheese on top of the salsa.

Bring the edge of the tortilla over the meat to the other edge. Pull the lifted edge to the middle, which squishes the contents together. Fold the edges in and roll the tortilla.

Heat a pan on medium-low heat. Spread butter on the heated pan. Place the Taco Meat Burritos in the pan. Turn burritos when the side on the pan is browned. Continue to do this until the burritos are golden brown.


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