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Freezing Pistachios

There are many times that I cannot pass up a fabulous bargain.  Not long ago I came across bulk pistachios for an amazingly low price.  I battled in my mind whether or not to purchase them.  I risked having 25 lbs of stale pistachios, or I could get lucky and they would taste great.  I thought for awhile about how expensive they were in the store, and then I realized that I would take the risk.  It paid off.  I received 25 lbs of great tasting pistachios, but what was I going to do with all of those wonderfully scrumptious nuts?  I portioned them off into gallon size freezer bags.  Voila, I could preserve their flavor and we could eat them at our leisure.  I love being able to freeze bulk pistachios and not have to compromise their quality!


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