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How to Freeze Cherries

How to Freeze Cherries

It has been a beautiful summer and I have enjoyed having the warmth of the sun more than ever.  In fact, I long to have summer last forever.  I do not look forward to the upcoming cold months.  For those who live in warmer climates, I envy you.  Lately, I have longed to move further south to prolong summer!

But with all good things in life, they must come to an end.  That is the irony of life.  The moments that I wish I could extend I have absolutely little control over.  Joy is momentary, and then, the challenges of life always creep in. It is during these growing pains that I long for the ease and comfort to return.

I have experienced some joyous times this summer.  I was able to go on a challenging fourteen mile hike.  This was my fourth time in two years attempting to hike Table Mountain by Jackson, Wyoming.   I came to once again appreciate the beauty of God’s creations and soak in the truth that He is in control.  I marveled at how small I felt in comparison to the vast Tetons rising in the sky.  It was seven miles uphill most of the way with countless rocks.  Then, I descended seven miles downhill.  The last two miles I literally felt every step and wanted to stop, but I could hear my nine year old saying, “We are almost there.  We are almost there.”  He did not know at the time that his encouragement to himself was pushing me forward.  He helped me to want to be strong for him.  It was one of those experiences that was extremely hard, but worth every single step.

I can use my hiking experience to propel me through life.  There are many times when I am almost there, and I need to keep pushing and see it through.  The demands of dealing with my epileptic daughters, being an all natural cook with dietary restrictions, homeschooling my sons, being a wife, and almost having a teenage daughter can seem like a massive mountain to climb.  But, it is the journey that I must come to enjoy and not the finish line.

A rewarding summer tradition that I have begun is freezing cherries.  I have discovered how scrumptious and simple it is to freeze them.  With very little effort, we can enjoy frozen cherries year round.

First, wash the cherries.  Then, remove the stems.

Place the cherries in freezer bags (I use gallon size bags, but quart size would work as well).  Last, put the cherries in the freezer.

When we want to eat the cherries, we remove them from the freezer and allow them to thaw enough to bite into them.  They are so delicious partially frozen, but do not forget about the seed in the middle.  I do not remove the seeds, since we just eat them from the freezer.


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