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All Natural Romaine Lettuce Wraps

A few months ago, I discovered with great astonishment the varied versatility of romaine lettuce.  I had had it with attempting to find a gluten-free hamburger bun that could replace my moist gluten filled ones.  Unfortunately, I never have found one that could even compare, and so wistfully I moved past the notion of ever succeeding.  I am glad that I failed so many times.  I discovered the delicious flavor of enclosing my hamburger with a lettuce wrap.  From there, it evolved to chicken and other meats.  To honestly admit, I do not miss breads, nor do I miss what they do to my waistline.

All Natural Romaine Lettuce Wraps

  • Large romaine lettuce leaf
  • meat (chicken, ground beef, etc.)
  • vegetables
  • all natural sauces

For a hamburger lettuce wrap, rinse the lettuce and pat dry.  Add precooked ground beef, onions, all natural pickles, and tomatoes.  Then finish with all natural sauces.  I prefer ketchup and mustard.

For chicken lettuce wraps, rinse the lettuce and pat dry.  Add precooked shredded chicken, cucumbers, carrots, etc.  Then finish with an all natural dressing.  I prefer thousand island, but the possibilities are endless.


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